At McGill + Partners, we focus our energies and expertise across three disciplines – strategic planning; business execution and optimization; and media and communications – to deliver dynamic and transformational solutions for our clients.


The McGill + Partners mission is a straightforward one: to develop innovative solutions for our clients that make a clear difference and deliver tangible, achievable, and dynamic results.


  • Strategic Planning is the cornerstone of business success.  Acting as both insightful, knowledgeable participants and facilitators to assimilate your best ideas, McGill + Partners will assist your organization in developing a strategy that is powerful, actionable, and measurable.


  • Business Execution and Optimization: Crisp strategy execution and optimization of business opportunities are imperatives for success. Whether the objectives are extending market reach, new product development, growing business and advertiser partnerships, optimizing performance via restructuring and reorganization, or positioning an enterprise for acquisition, McGill + Partners delivers best-practices expertise. 



  • Media and Communications: Integrated media strategies (incorporating digital, event, social, and traditional channels) create customer engagement, marketing impact, and enhanced revenue opportunities. McGill + Partners helps build media solutions and communications strategies that engage customers and create expanded, diversified revenue performance from content and media platforms.


  • Business and trade media companies

  • Information services companies

  • Consumer and special-interest media

  • Professional membership organizations

  • Trade associations

  • Foundations and philanthropies

  • Advocacy and policy groups

  • NGOs

McGill + Partners and its team of experienced professionals have been delivering innovative and tangible results for 30 years – and we have served more than 250 enterprises.


Our experience includes serving: