Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is an organization’s foundation stone.


It identifies an energetic vision, defining mission, goals, and objectives; providing tangible direction for tactical and operational requirements; and establishing the metrics with which to measure future success.


And collaboration is a key to successfully creating an effective strategy.


The McGill + Partners professional team’s approach to strategic planning is both as participants and as facilitators.


We bring new, independent, and informed ideas and perspectives – and we listen, capturing your best thinking and assimilating that collective vision into a dynamic plan and actionable, achievable strategies.


To develop an energetic and actionable strategic plan, McGill + Partners can assist you in defining and effectively addressing:


  • Brand and Communications Strengths and Liabilities

  • Organizational Capacity for Innovation and Risk Tolerance

  • Resources, Structure, Technology, and Workforce Issues

  • Metrics and Measures of Success

  • Implementation Road Mapping                   


  • Organizational Vision and Mission

  • Goals and Desired Outcomes

  • The Economic and Political Climate

  • Cultural Trends and Customer Demographic Shifts

  • Target Audiences and Products/Services Opportunities

  • The Served Sector Competition